Hoot Fire & Security recognised an opportunity to reduce the company’s carbon footprint through investment in electric vehicles. The company has worked hard to deliver this through its commitment to its electrification strategy.

Two years ago, Hoot Fire & Security began transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles. Having taken ownership of another electric vehicle this month the company is proud to announce that 50% of the company’s vehicles are now fully electric.

Chris Brown, Managing Director said “Reducing our impact on the environment is of the utmost importance to us, and something we strive to do in all our daily actions. We are aware of our environmental responsibility and the legacy we leave behind for generations to follow. This investment in zero-emission vehicles demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to all our partners”

Many of Hoot Fire & Security’s customers are already investing in electric fleet modernisation, it is therefore important for them to have a sustainable supply chain.

Rob Flowers, Operations Director adds “Many of our customers are looking at ways to lower their carbon footprint. Choosing suppliers who are investing in green technology has a benefit to both businesses as well as the environment”

Hoot Fire & Security have charging points installed at the office, however, there are still barriers to overcome before the roll out of electric vehicles across the entire fleet can be achieved. Hoot Fire & Security have demonstrated a shift in mindset. For all vehicles to be zero-emission will require further investment in the country’s on-road public charging infrastructure as well as longer range capability for vans. Barriers still exist but with improvements the transition will be smoother in the future.

“The change to electric was ambitious but hasn’t been as dramatic as we anticipated. It has been fantastic how quickly our employees have adapted to electric vehicles. This is one of the reasons we have been able to move forward with the roll out more quickly.” Rob Flowers

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