ECHO-connected is a brand new, faster, digital alarm transmitting service being rolled out across the country. Improving the speed at which an intruder alarm activation results in police being dispatched.

As an approved installer, Hoot Fire & Security are offering this new technology directly to customers already signed up to our police response package. Police response is important for both peace of mind and commonly a requirement for insurance purposes, making it a preferred monitoring option.

What is ECHO-Connected?

Electronic Call Handling Operations (ECHO) means that the signal passes digitately through the system speeding up delivery of information and removing any error associated with relaying data.

Traditionally an activated police-monitored intruder or Hold Up Alarm (HUA) sent a digital signal through to the alarm receiving center (ARC) where specialist trained staff received the activation and passed it directly to the correct police force.

However, via the ECHO-connected system Hoot Fire & Security’s ARC receives the digital alarm signal directly from your premises. It is verified and the information is digitally transmitted to your local police force’s dispatch receiving station via the ECHO-connected platform.

This new ECHO-connected system will speed up communication from your alarm trigger resulting in a quicker police dispatch. Early indications show that using this ECHO-connected digital transmitting improves response times by 4 minutes. Therefore, police will arrive at your premises sooner, increasing the probability of an arrest.


So far eleven police forces across England are already ECHO-connected. Check if your force is ECHO-Connected here. Hoot Fire & Security installs the highest graded intruder alarm systems with fast digital DualCom connections to our alarm receiving center. Our ARC is already ECHO-connected, once your local police force is fully ECHO-connected you will benefit from this new technology and faster police response times.

Chris Brown, Managing Director said “Hoot Fire & Security operates to the highest standards, this allows us to embrace new technologies like ECHO. It is satisfying when we can improve the service we offer to our customers and ECHO-connected allows us to do this. We look forward to more police forces coming on board and improving police response times across the country.”

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