Protect your Property on Dark Winter Nights

Winter is a time when we see an increase in property break-ins as burglars take advantage of the long dark nights.

Hoot Fire & Security strive to curb this unwanted trend. The ultimate way to protect your home is with a professionally installed maintained burglar alarm, but there are other things you can do alongside your alarm to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Here are some tips on improving your home security:

• Keep doors and windows locked.
• Remove the key from the door and keep it hidden from view and reach of the letterbox.
• Close blinds and curtains as the light outside starts to fade.
• Keep valuables such as phones, laptops, tablets, keys and wallets out of sight from the window. Ensure the power cables from laptops and phones aren’t left plugged in and on view.
• When you are out on dark evenings make it look as if someone is in by leaving a light on or using timers to control lights.
• If you have a burglar alarm fitted always ensure it is set when you are out and night set is used while sleeping.
• Ensure your burglar alarm is maintained to ensure it is working correctly. Hoot Fire and Security offer maintenance packages on all our alarms.

If you are interested in having a burglar alarm fitted by a fully accredited company, please contact us on 01623 753 782 where we will be happy to help.

Additional optional benefits to give you extra piece of mind with your intruder alarm.


Did you know that we can program your alarm to chime to alert you each time someone enters or exits your house?

At night alarms have a night setting function to alarm only the ground floor, keeping you and your family safe upstairs.

A panic button can be fitted to your alarm allowing you to raise the alarm without accessing the keypad.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors can be linked into your alarm providing protection to you and your family.


Hoot Fire & Security offer a remote monitoring package for our residential burglar alarms. Our alarm monitoring centre reacts to all alarm activations and can alert a keyholder or activate police response, depending on the level of cover. Please contact us for information about alarm monitoring.

For anyone really wanting to increase their Home Security we fit high definition quality (HD) CCTV with infrared night vision cameras, gates powered with access control systems.

Please give our friendly team a call on 01623 753 782 to discuss your security needs and to find out more.